October 21st, 2009

I’d eventually like to use this site to showcase some of my visual work as well. Kristen Kieffer, a favorite potter of mine, has a wonderful blog in which she posts photos of objects she loves/owns, or images that inspire her. Kristen, of course, is an established and talented ceramicist, so I’m definitely not comparing myself in that vein, but I love her idea of the kind of open, shared notebook of inspiration, whimsy, and conglomeration of quotations, descriptions, pictures, pictures! I’m starting to think about dabbling (qualify, qualify, qualify) in design work through Pretty Clever, but I have lots of ideas in general popping around in my mind, and it’s like a picture book in there, so I’m just going to share some of the pictures here. And thanks, Kristen, for getting me started.

Besides, you know, as a writer, I’m constantly drawing from that trove of image and story. That’s why I’m fascinated with collecting, the act, and collections – the amassing and assemblage and the altogether. I took a fantastic class while at SAIC about Artists and Collecting and Artist’s Collections. I forget the title, heh. But it was right up my alley, as my grandmother would say, and it’s shaped my awareness and process, or awareness of my process, perhaps. It’s all good. There is an abundance of color and light and strangeness, and I’m going to start tacking bits up here.


For example: lookit this! it’s a LAMP! i’ve always had a love of the miniature, and part of that has shown itself in my fondness for houses in 3D artwork. little ceramic houses, fantastical bird houses (man, I wish I could link to Gerry Wallace work here!), tiny dollhouses or shadow boxes or the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute … translates into my love of Cornell, etc etc etc. I like to trace the pathways Where These Things Come From. For about $2K, I could add this to my collection. from Anthropologie, where lots of delightfulness originates.

I need to come back to this later, since it’s meal-time I’m still refreshing on basic formatting and html.


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